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The Idea behind this new side-project  "Rabbit on Purple" is to bring the psychedelic experimental trance back in our mind and heart, in this era of mechanical digital fastness.
Behind the Project "Rabbit on Purple" is Josef H.(Ianuaria) and Ana Patricia R. 

here u can listen some parts of our first 2 tracks.... enjoy

   Rabbit on Purple - Voada Da Ding (preview) by Rabbit on Purple


Rabbit on Purple - You are my Acid (preview) by Rabbit on Purp

The purple rabbit is reminiscent of the small white microcosmic ‘eye’ in the black ‘fish’ of macrocosmic yin. Although yang, the purple dot represents the expression of conscious individuality as dependent on the unconscious whole like an embryo in the womb. There is potential for growth but this half of the circle reveals the range of experiences and states of consciousness from the tip of the tail to the girth of the big round head of the yin fish. The Moon, while it may glow with borrowed light from the Sun reflected on its surface, is a dark object set in dark space and the effects of its orbit around the Earth cause more turmoil and insecurity than peace even if our moods, habits and responses prompt us to care about our lives and the people with whom we have emotional ties.

The weird and wonderful mysteries of rabbit symbolism is quite rich and varied and resembles the Moon (life/experience/consciousness) leading us to the dark depths of the unconscious and unknown worlds and back out again. Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat…conjuring or manifesting form and experience where there was none before, at least not physical. There are so many lunar cycles and phases ranging from the slender crescent of the New Moon to the rotund disk of the Full Moon and then in reverse. Likewise, there are so many passing conditions and circumstances in life. Some come from within us while others come to use through people and events. Our emotional responses evoke layers of our consciousness and keep it flowing continuously.

When people identify with the outside world and define their reality according to what they see in front of them they do not usually believe that there could be anything beyond it. The physical and material environment appears so concrete and conclusive because their chakras, wheels of Light, and Merkaba fields, have ceased spinning. This is, therefore, all that they know. Any glimpses of subtle realms beyond the physical dimension are written off as delusions, tricks of the mind, fantasy and psychosis. And, yet, it is they who are deluded, bound to the ball and chain that is their fear of the unknown and their resistance to other possibilities. Through subconscious project, they accuse those who have experienced other planes of consciousness and even interacted with entities dwelling on other dimensions as following a belief system.

The rabbit appears to be a herald, guide or messenger who moves freely between the inner, astral realms and the outer world of physical matter

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